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40MT of chromic nitrate ,sold to overseas market.-Company News-Chromium Chloride_Chromium Nitrate_Chromium Acetate_Chromium Formate etc trivalent chromium salts factory-DZ CHEM
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40MT of chromic nitrate ,sold to overseas market.


Chromic nitrate is our main product. It contains 9 crystal water, also known as chromic nitrate nonahydrate, which is widely used in ceramics, catalyst, electroplating passivation solution, catalyst and other industries.

 As a trivalent chromium electroplating product, it is environmentally friendly. Not only many domestic electroplating plants have been used  chromium nitrate and chromium chloride electroplating, but also many foreign markets.

Our chromium nitrate products are widely exported to Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions.

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