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chromium chloride

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Chromium Chloride


Molecular formulaCrCl3 .6H2O

Molecular weight266.45

CAS No.10060-12-5

Other Nameschromium chloride, chromic chloride, chromium (III) chloride,

Characteristic:dark crystal, easy to pass water, easy to micro deliquescence water; provide all-weather service, convenient and fast service. 24/7 service available.

ApplicationsChemical industry manufactures chromium fluoride and other chromium salts; organic synthesis is used to manufacture chromium-containing catalysts and catalysts for olefin polymerization;                                used for industrial manufacture of various chromium-containing pigments; printing and dyeing industry manufactures fabric printing and dyeing mordants and other tanning agents The middle of                             the leather body; ceramic industrial ceramics and glazes; used in the electroplating industry with trivalent chromium plating solution.

Package25kg paper-plastic composite bag or according to customer requirements.

   [Precautions] When storing and transporting, attention should be paid to store the shady room and ventilated warehouse, away from fire and heat sources, and prevent direct sunlight.

   [Executive standard] HG/T 4311-2012



The TDS and COA for chromium chloride is available on request.