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Chromium Nitrate

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Chromium Nitrate nonahydrate


Molecular formulaCr(NO3)3.9H2O

Molecular weight 400.15

CAS NO.7789-02-8

Other Names.Chromium (III) nitrate nonahydrate, chromium nitrate, trivalent chromium, chromium passivation,

PropertiesDark purple orthorhombic monoclinic crystal. Oxidative. The melting point is about 60°C. Low toxicity, irritating.

ApplicationsUsed in glass manufacturing, printing and dyeing and equipment containing chromium catalyst.

Package】Chromium nitrate is usually packed by 25kg paper-plastic composite bag or according to customer requirements.

[Notes] When storing and transporting, attention should be paid to moisture-proof, heat-proof, impact-proof, and keep away from flammable materials.

Execution standardHG 3-936-76


The full specifications and TDS for chromium nitrate is available on request.

Being a chromium nitrate factory, we can also sell it in solution form.The purity can be adjusted from 35% to about 65% per customers' request.

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