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Chromic Acid

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Chromic acid, flakes is mainly used in chrome plating and wood preservative etc. industries

Commodity name: chromic acid, chromium trioxide, chromic acid anhydride, chromic acid flakes etc.


CAS No.:1333-82-0                    EINECS No.: 215-607-8

Chemical formula: CrO3            Appearance: dark red flakes

Monthly production capacity: about 200 Mts

Our chromic acid is mainly for overseas market.

Basic ocean shipping info.: UN No.: 1463, Class: 5.1 PG: II and HS code: 28191



It's main applications


1. Main raw material for producing chromium oxide green.

2. Act as an intermediate in chromium plating or electroplating.

3. Due to its strong oxidizing agent, it is also often used in organic synthesis.

4. Wood preservative, timber treatment etc. field.

5. Used in colored glass, ceramic glazes and clean lab glassware, eps. glassware with insoluble organic residues etc.

6. Widely used in used in the instrument repair industry, such as metal surface treatment.

The grade we produce is mainly for Hard chrome plating

Packing: in steel drums of 25kg, 50kg net. then palletized

specs as below:



Storage conditions

It must be stored in cool ,dry and well-ventilated places in air-tight packing

Keep away from conmustible materials and can not be stored together with organic substances (such as alcohol, benzene, etc.).


Chromic acid MSDS and TDS is  available on request.

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